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"I picked up my belongings in a nylon carry-all"

Still shiver when I hear this.

Some tunes still make me shiver. This is one of 'em.
Makes me feel like going out for some . . .

Leviathan Wakes
James A. Corey
Liked this one a lot. Almost love, but not quite. A good space opera genre read with detective and
slimy alien aspect.

Rule 34
Charlie Stross
Kind of like MAKERS without the rose-coloured glasses. In other words weird. Just what we've come to expect from
the antipope: off-kilter, on-target.


Better to rust than to burn out is the theme. A must read for all retro-grouch riders.

"If you were any more intense you'd be a black hole. A singularity."

"I looked at kinescopes of the early years, every distant minute, it was another civilization, midcentury America, the footage resembling some deviant technological life-form struggling out of the irradiated dust of the atomic age."

" . . . Jerry inviting the nation's love and wonder at four in the morning, in closeup, a crew-cut sweating man in semidelirium, a disease artist, begging us to send money to cure his afflicted children."

"When an actor moved a muscle, when eyes blinked, it was a revelation. Every action was broken into components so distinct from the entity that the watcher found himself isolated from every expectation."

Don DeLillo

Spooky introduction !!!

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